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"Let's Take This Journey Together. You Have Greatness Within You, Embrace It And Let The World See It!" - Dr. Sonja Lowe - The Embrace Coach

Professionally known as "The Embrace Coach", Dr. Sonja Lowe is an entrepreneur with various accolades in 6 of the 7 spheres of influence including Family/Community, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Religion/Ministry and Business. Sonja's dauntless determination, altruistic endeavors, and belief that God blesses each person with multiple gifts to change the world in a positive way guides her endeavors to embrace, educate and empower each individual to use their God given gifts. Her success can never encompass her most cherished titles of wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been married to Bradford Lowe, Sr, her king as she lovingly calls him for 32 years and God blessed their union with three champions: Bradford E. Lowe, Jr. (Maria), Konnie Lowe and Beyonce' Lowe.


Sonja’s leadership as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Growth Alliance 366 (SGA 366); a business consulting and development agency providing premier support services and collaborations to established and aspiring entrepreneurs; has led to its immediate emergence as a powerhouse group in Houston, Texas in business and entertainment.


Recognized as a trailblazing visionary, serving as CEO of Sonja Lowe Enterprises, LLC encompasses Choice 1 Media Group, an award-winning multi-media brand focused on enhancing the media footprint of entrepreneurs and independent creatives. Sonja hosts and executive produces the acclaimed and award winning, Couch Time with Sonja TV Talk show, a safe place with a live audience for authentic conversations where ‘Becoming BARE is Reality!’ Sonja is as personable as she is a professional, priding herself on being transparent with her audience in all aspects of her life.  


An Amazon #1 Best Selling Publisher and Author of Becoming BARE... A Guide to Discovering Your Authentic Self; A powerful book equipped with a journal illustrating her own journey as well as how to begin one’s own journey to Becoming Authentic Real and Exposed and also an International Amazon #1 Best Selling Author on a collaborative work about networking. 


She is the visionary and Co-Pastor of 1 Embrace Ministries, a registered 501©3 non-profit organization which exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to healing, deliverance and freedom. She is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Christian Counselor and Community Leader who volunteers unselfishly. Sonja has been recognized for her community service: awarded a day in Humble, Texas and Houston, TX. In 2020 Sonja received the Inspirationalist of The Year Award and 2021 received The Presidential Life-Time Achievement Award. 


With a life genuinely dedicated to service and the betterment of people, in January 2023, as Founder and President, Sonja and her business partner opened Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU), exclusively online with local growth rooms located in St. Petersburg Florida, Houston, TX, Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee.  Sonja truly believes in the potential of everyone, often quoting her own quote, "Let's take this journey together. You have greatness inside of you… Embrace it and let the world see it!"    - Dr.Sonja Lowe - The Embrace Coach


Embrace Your Greatness! Let's connect.


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