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Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) has a dual accreditation and a membership with a nationally recognized accrediting institution to award faith-based certifications, associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Legal Status
Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is a private not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida and legally authorized by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities (SBICU) with a religious exemption authority to offer degree programs that are designed solely for religious vocations.

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) makes no claims, implied or otherwise, that our educational programs, courses, or curricula are the same as offered by secular state colleges and universities. Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University desires to remain separate and thereby maintain our religious prerogatives and freedom to compose courses and design degree programs that are in accordance with our Biblical convictions and beliefs. 

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is not affiliated with the State of Florida or the U.S. Department of Education. Credits and Degrees earned at Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University are for those in Faith Based Christian service.

Accreditation is quality control, designed for consumer protection. It is a collegial process based on self and peer assessment for improvement of academic quality and public accountability. It provides an external, third-party evaluation of the level of a school’s ethical standards, financial integrity, and academic credibility. The accrediting process requires institutions to examine their goals, operations, and achievements, followed by the expert criticism and recommendations of a visiting team of professional examiners, and later by the official vote of the accrediting board.

Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS) is an independent not-for-profit corporation chartered as an accrediting agency for small Bible colleges and specialized Christian schools, institutes and seminaries. It is dedicated to assisting those institutions of Christian higher education in achieving a quality, non-regional accreditation, characterized by academic excellence and ethical practices. Serving Over 700 Schools in 67 Nations.

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) is a member with full accreditation of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges & Seminaries (AICCS). SGLU received a certification for seven years as an Accredited school by vote of the Accrediting Commission of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries.  The school is authorized to grant Christian-identified certificates, diplomas, and degrees up to and including the doctoral degree. The Accreditation Examination Commission awarded SGLU school of ministry a total of 170 quality grade points out of a possible 172 points . . . an extraordinarily high score! 

AICCS is one of the largest, non-government accrediting groups in the world. AICCS is a non-profit association of independent Christian colleges and seminaries committed to academic excellence, intellectual freedom, ethical conduct, and moral integrity. AICCS was chartered as a charitable corporation in the State of Missouri to help establish, support, maintain, and promote the development of non-traditional, modular, and private tutoring/mentoring methods on-campus, and audio/video-taped, on-line, and other distance learning methods off-campus. AICCS fosters flexible, experimental, innovative, personalized learning alternatives, as well as traditional post-secondary and graduate-level educational modalities. The affiliated schools offer degrees which are absolutely legitimate, totally honorable, widely respected, and generally accepted within the Christian community.​

Because of the AICCS Board of Directors’ convictions in support of religious freedom, Christian liberty, and the separation of church and state, AICCS has never applied for affiliation with any federal government agency. AICCS, therefore, is not recognized by the United States Department of Education. Credits earned at any AICCS-accredited institution are accepted by all other AICCS schools, but these credits are not automatically transferable to other colleges or seminaries.

​Persons whose professional or career goals require certification by a state or federal government agency should check in advance to determine whether a degree from an AICCS-accredited school would be acceptable. Individuals needing to earn a regionally accredited degree in one of the disciplines offered by an AICCS-accredited institution may wish to investigate comparable programs offered at more traditional on-campus colleges currently accredited by a regional association recognized by the United States Department of Education.​ The U.S. Department of Education states that accreditation itself is a voluntary process. Many high-quality, legitimate and legal Colleges and Universities and other institutions of higher education operate today without accreditation.

Christian College Accreditation Commission International (CCACI)

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is proudly accredited by the Christian College Accreditation Commission International (CCACI). CCACI has not sought recognition from United States Department of Education. This choice has been made by the Institutions CCACI represents and in no way reflects on its Legal Status or the quality of education offered by the Institutions. CCACI is an international Accrediting Commission that currently represents over 20 institutions in 4 countries.

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University has also elected CCACI as one of it's Accrediting Agencies because of our desire to remain free from the control of any Federal, State or private agency controlled by same, that will not allow complete Religious Freedom in our curriculum and student body.

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) makes no guarantee of the acceptance of SGLU credits to other institutions. Transfer of credits from SGLU to other institutions of learning are solely up to the discretion and desire of the institution where the student is applying. Students are encouraged to inquire how the educational institution into which they plan to transfer concerning the transferability of credits received through any other institution in advance of enrollment.

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