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"Just Trying to Help somebody while I help myself"

                                       ~ Pastor Warren L. Henry 


Warren L. Henry, Sr. is Founder and Senior Pastor of The Kingdom of God Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, located in the City of South Fulton, GA. He is a scholar and profound teacher, author, and community activist. Pastor Henry has earned numerous degrees including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Black History from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and a double Master of Divinity in Old and New Testament and Christian Education from the Interdenominational Theological Center (I.T.C.) in Atlanta, GA. Believing that the very essence of a successful life is helping others, he lives his motto of “trying to help somebody, while I help myself”.   


Pastor Henry is an avid disciple and scholar of Kingdomology, the study of the Kingdom of God. His intense study of the Kingdom has taken him inside the Government of God and how God’s citizens are to live according to His constitution. Pastor Henry’s research has also given him a greater understanding of Reignology, an empowerment of God through the Holy Spirit that teaches God’s original plan for humanity and that through the atoning work of Christ, we are able to live and successfully fulfill that original plan. Pastor Henry’s teachings have inspired and trained thousands of church leaders worldwide and have Licensed and ordained over 100 ministers during his ministry. 


His accomplishments are extensive and notable. His position as Chaplain for Fulton County Public Servant sectors prompted him to complete and be certified as a law enforcement officer 2005, a Hostage Negotiator 2007, a National Level Firefighter I and II 2010 and an Arson Investigator level 1 2011.

While serving as Chaplain for Fulton County, Pastor Henry transitioned into the City of South Fulton and in 2018 was appointed to The Office of the Chaplain as Senior Chaplain. As Senior Chaplain, Pastor Henry, created the Five Branches of the Chaplaincy and its certification program, (CTEP) Chaplain Training Educational Program. Twelve additional Chaplains have been certified to assist and carry out the duties of the Chaplain’s Office. 


Pastor Henry has published several books through KOG Publications and is the creator and founder of WLH Live Productions, a television production company, Kingdom Global Media Network and eChurch Network, building Post COVID churches in the atmosphere. He has been married to his lovely wife Sharon since 1977 and God blessed their union with four wonderful children; Shanavia Portis (Stephen), Shawnese Henry, Warren Henry, Jr. and Wyndal Henry (Tina). He is also proud of his six precious granddaughters, Ja’dah, Stasie, Janae, Sierra, Saniah and Avery Rose and two grandsons, Warren, III and Wyndal, Jr. 



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