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How to Apply

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) welcomes applicants 17 years old and older for admission consideration. We seek future graduates with diverse interests, experiences and perspectives, ready to capture academic opportunities with creativity and enthusiasm. SGLU does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or any other classification protected by law in its programs and activities.

Although SGLU integrates Christian faith and practice into all aspects of our courses, no statement of faith or religious affiliation is required of prospective students.  

All students must submit either acceptable high school or college transcripts to be considered for full admission into the University. If students cannot meet the GPA requirements with their transcripts but have test scores or a college-GPA that meets admission requirements, students may be eligible for full admission.

Please note: Admission requirements may differ based on degree level, program and modality. All academically qualified individuals willing to uphold our established mission, vision and standards are encouraged to apply. 

Admission Steps:

  • Submit Application Fee & Admissions Form 

  • Submit Your Transcripts, Entrance And Recommendation Letters

  • Admissions Interview And Meet With A Growth Specialists

  • After Receipt Of Official SGLU Acceptance & Welcome Letter Choose Your Degree Plan

  • Choose Payment Plan & Submit Payment

  • Start Your Journey

Admissions Form

Application Fee is $99


What time works for your admissions interview?

Education Background

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Thank you for your interest! One of our Growth Specialists will connect with you soon.

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