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Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is a nonprofit organization.  We depend on the enrollment of students and donations to function. We do not receive any government funding.






Become A Community Collaborative Partner or Sponsor




SGLU reaches students on a local, national, and international level to provide Christian Education programs to students worldwide. Our mission is to continue to provide "affordable" programs and tuition to thousands to students around the globe but we cannot fulfill our mission without your help. We sincerely thank all those who have support us!


How You Can Help?

Thank you so much for considering how you might support our college efforts. We have many ways for you to invest the funds that the Lord has entrusted to you. We take the stewardship of the funds that the Lord entrusts to us very seriously.


We are excited about the vision that the Lord has given us to "Embrace the World through Education by Inspiring Our Students To Embrace Their Greatness" and with your help our annual goal of $50,000 will be attainable to reach ordinary people everywhere with quality and affordable Christian Education Programs worldwide.

1. Make a Simple Donation

Simply make a one-time donation to our general fund and we will prayerfully determine how to best use your investment to fulfill our mission.


2. Invest in the Annual Fund | Goal: $50,000


In collaboration and partnership with 1 Embrace Ministries we want to help make a difference, and to do this there is much to be done! The Annual Fund supports the many efforts it takes to bring transformation in and through our students. It takes strategic planning, office expenses, relationship building with local churches, marketing, etc.


The investment you make today will help us to accomplish our global mission for tomorrows to come! Consider becoming a community collaborative partner, sponsor and or a monthly growth partner with us!



What You Can Expect Of Us?

Regular updates and reports on what God is doing and how your investment is supporting our mission and cause.

We are grateful for all of our supporters who give financially.  Your gifts make it possible to provide students with a quality biblical education that builds their foundations for the rest of their lives.

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