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Tuition & Fees

Student Accounts

Tuition and Fees*
Although the Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) is one of the most affordably priced Christian Bible Universities in the nation, income from tuition may not fully cover the cost of instruction. The difference between what students pay and the total cost of their education is met by the generous donations of individuals, churches, and organizations. We ask our students to join us in prayer and praise for these donors.

The following tables list the charges a student at SGLU could incur during their time at SGLU. 

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University (SGLU) reserves the right to change the tuition, fees, and other charges without notice. 

All fees are nonrefundable unless otherwise noted.


*Valid June 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023 (INTRODUCTORY PRICES)


General Tuition* (per credit hour) : $300
Tuition* (per credit hour) : $375
General Services Fee** (per semester, all students) : $275

Miscellaneous Fees:

Application Fee : $99 (waived 6/1/23 - 12/30/23)
Independent Study Fee (per course; in addition to tuition charges) : $150
Graduation Fee : $75

Dual Credit Fee** : $95

Returned Check Fee (each occurrence) : $30
Official SGLU Transcripts : $15
Replacement Bible Certificate : $15
Replacement Diploma Fee : $30
Book Fee (per semester) : $50

*Refundable proportionately, in accordance with the Refund Policy as outlined in the catalog.
**Refundable prior to the first date of class.

Explanation of Fees

• General Service Fee: Required fee billed each semester to cover costs associated with a student enrolling, such as technology services and administration.

• Application Fee: Required of all individuals who are applying for admission/readmission. Non-refundable.

• Independent Study Fee: Helps offset additional costs of individual instruction.

• Credit by Demonstrated Competency (CDC) Fee: The college assesses a processing fee each time a student presents courses for SGLU credit.

• Graduation Fee: Required of all graduating students completing a degree or certificate. This fee is required of all students, even those who choose not to participate in commencement exercises, and covers general costs associated with graduation.

• Returned Check Fee: Required of all students for a check returned from their bank because of non-sufficient funds (NSF). Personal checks will not be accepted from students with two NSF checks written to SGLU.

• Official Transcript Fee: Students may request an official transcript by submitting an Official Transcript Request Form to the Registrar along with the $15 fee, payable by cash, check or money order.


Registration is not completed for any course until the full amount is paid or a payment plan is executed. Students are responsible for knowing the status of their accounts at all times. Information is available from the registrars office 


Annual Cost
General Tuition (Full Time)*                  $3800
Fees (Full Time)*                                     $550 ????
Total                                                     $7,750

**This annual rate is for a traditional bachelor’s degree student enrolling in 12 credit hours each term (fall and spring). Fees includes the General Services Fee. Additional fees may be assessed for special circumstances where appropriate.


All students who add, drop, or withdraw from a class, change class sections, or change status between credit and audit must give official written notice. Forms for such changes are available by emailing

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