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"Let's Take This Journey Together. You Have Greatness Within You, Embrace It And Let The World See It!" - Dr. Sonja Lowe - The Embrace Coach

Stephen Portis is a Global Supply Chain professional who has been committed to working with a team of talented professionals to get the job done. For over 15 years he has designed, built, and supervised many large and small projects nationally and globally. Stephen worked for General Electric for 15 years and is currently  a Senior Manufacturing Engineer for Baker Hughes for the last 5 years. Stephen’s ability to work with many people in different aspects have prepared him to serve others in many different capacities. 


Stephen holds a Bachelor’s degree from Tuskegee University in Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters of Divinity degree. He is a scholar of God’s word and is passionate about pursuing and teaching those who will listen, that God is sovereign, loving and forgiving.


Stephen has been married to the love of his life, Shanavia for 20 years. Together they serve in ministry and are marriage coaches. Their mission is to help marriages thrive by exposing blind spots, equipping them with tools to use that will enhance communication, produce boundaries, and strengthen their relationship. They believe that marriage works if you work it.  He and Shanavia are also the executive producers and hosts of their own talk show, The Eden Experience. He is a proud girl dad of his three daughters, Stasie (19), Sierra (15), and Saniah (12). 



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