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Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University Introduces World-Class Online Growth Communities for College Degrees in Christian Entrepreneurship, Biblical Studies and Christian Media Programs.


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April 19, 2023, at 13:40 PM EDT


SGLU is an accredited Christian University that is creating an ecosystem by equipping, educating and empowering a community of entrepreneurs, biblical scholars and multimedia creatives dedicated to changing the world through innovation and collaboration.

Earn an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate Degree with the convenience of virtual growth rooms with the opportunity to join in community.

Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University is revolutionizing education by bringing the concept of implementation to a whole new level nationwide via a 100% online platform with local growth rooms with the opportunity to meet in communities if needed. SGLU offers degrees in Biblical Studies / Seminary, Christian Entrepreneurship, Christian Film and Media and more taught by industry experts, with an emphasis on implementation and collaboration. This development introduces an unprecedented level of convenience to anyone interested in earning their degree while building a solid business or the skills to enter into a new field without the inconvenience of traveling to and from a campus. SGLU provides a very robust education that is affordable and practical. Anyone seeking to grow or change their lives can now complete a degree on their own schedule while fulfilling family and work obligations.

It is believed that SGLU will become one of “The Best Growth & Community Universities” among master’s-level faith-based universities nationally and internationally.

A degree from SGLU will enable entrepreneurs, biblical scholars, and multimedia students to enjoy greater control, prestige and accomplishment in their pursuit of a new career or growth in their present one. Many factors determine a business's success, but the two most significant factors are good planning and thoughtful strategy. SGLU’s implementation program helps its students create and bypass many of the pitfalls to starting a business. According to a study by American Express OPEN, more than half of entrepreneurs surveyed were paying themselves a full-time salary, and typically making $68,000 a year. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show abundant opportunities for Biblical Studies Degrees. The number of Theology graduates in the workforce has been growing at a rate of 2.43%, from 306,719 in 2019 to 314,186 in 2020. The largest single share of Theology graduates goes on to work as Clergy, teachers, managers, and more. A degree in biblical studies can impact a student in several ways:

  • Personal growth: Studying the Bible can deepen one's understanding and appreciation of religion, spirituality, and history.

  • Career opportunities: A degree in biblical studies can open up opportunities in fields such as ministry, theology, education, and non-profit organizations.

  • Community impact: Graduates of biblical studies programs may go on to serve in leadership positions within their religious communities, using their education to benefit others.

It's important to note that the impact of a degree in biblical studies can vary depending on the individual, their goals, and their chosen career path.

A degree in Christian Film & Media can impact a student in several ways:

  • Career opportunities: A degree in Christian Film & Media can lead to careers in media production, journalism, communication, and marketing within Christian organizations, churches, and non-profits.

  • Personal growth: The study of Christian Film & Media can help students develop a deeper understanding of the role of media in the dissemination of faith and religious values.

  • Community impact: Graduates with a degree in Christian Film & Media can use their skills to create and distribute media that positively impacts Christian communities and spreads religious messages.

It's important to note that the impact of a degree in Christian Film & Media can vary depending on the individual, their goals, and their chosen career path.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides information on related career fields, such as media and communication, journalism, marketing, and religious activities and education. These fields can provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in areas related to Christian Film & Media. The impact of a degree in Christian Film & Media on a student can vary, but it can provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in media production, communication, journalism, and marketing within Christian organizations and religious communities. In addition, the study of Christian Film & Media can help students develop a deeper understanding of the role of media in disseminating religious messages and values.

The advanced education that SGLU’s programs provide will empower anyone with the ability to compete for more rewarding opportunities in their chosen specialization.

Graduates from SGLU’s online degree programs will possess enhanced expertise in leveraging technology to foster greater success for their field of choice. All will garner a valuable credentials that will enable them to enter a more fulfilling new phase of their professional life.

SGLU’s degree programs are designed for those who want to combine expertise and passion to pursue their life purpose. These online programs are ideal for those individuals whose schedule, location, or other limitations have prevented them from pursuing their higher education goals.

SGLU will be online worldwide and will have Growth Rooms in the following communities: St. Petersburg, FL - Houston, TX - Atlanta, GA - and Memphis, TN. Join us at SGLU where students grow academically, spiritually, and professionally to fulfill their life purpose. Visit to learn more about the online and in-person degree programs offered worldwide through Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University.

About Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University:

The vision began in 2021 with the first graduating entrepreneur class founded by Dr. Sonja Lowe and Dr. Marietta Willis, 2 serial entrepreneurs who have a purpose and passion to help others rise and grow. Together, the core leadership team is ready to serve and bring their expertise to the community to change lives by providing a world-class institution that strategically grows a community of influential servant leaders by providing a biblically based education in a focused spiritual development environment.

As the newest world-class online university, Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University expects to be a cut above the rest becoming recognized as one of the nation’s foremost teaching institutions with certified professors. SGLU offers one of the best Biblical Studies, Christian Entrepreneurship and Christian Media degree programs in the country to meet the needs of those seeking the advanced opportunities of higher education. SGLU is a member of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries (AICCS) and a candidate for full accreditation. SGLU is also accredited by the Christian College Accreditation Commission International (CCACI). “Embrace Your Greatness Today!”


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Company Name: Strategic Growth Leaders Bible University
Contact Person: Dr. Sonja Lowe, President, or Dr. Marietta Willis, Vice President
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Phone: 877-742-1436
Country: United States

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